The Knight Of Alchemy (錬金術の騎士, Renkinjutsu no kishi) is a lone warrior and the sworn enemy of Father in the manga and 2009 anime and the sworn enemy and younger brother of Dante in the 2003 anime. 

The Knight Of Alchemy
The Knight Of Alchemy
Vital statistics
Aliases Brother, Mr. Macho, Trisha Elric
Birthplace Alchemtopia
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Nana (younger sister)

Dante (older sister, 2003 anime)

Affiliations Trisha Elric
Alignment Unknown
Species Alchemtopian
Occupation Lone Warrior
Rank Unknown
Abilities 6. ft
Power Level Unknown
Weapons Alchemy Blaster, Alchemy Sword & Alchemy Axe
Unique Trait Looks futuristic
Goal Get revenge on Father for killing his sister Nana (2009 anime & manga)

Get revenge on his sister, Dante for betraying their people (2003 anime)

First Appearance Episode 22: The Knight Of Alchemy (2003 series) Episode 8: The Knight Of Alchemy (2009 series)
Voice Actor Kent Williams (FUNimation Dub)
Seiyū Kōji Ochiai

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Alchemy Slash

The Knight Of Alchemy's Alchemy Slash is when he leaps in the air and uses his Alchemy Sword to slash his enemies in half in any direction he desires, causing his enemies to gush blood right where he slashed them, and finally, he uses his Alchemy Blaster to blast his slashed enemies into pieces. 

Powers & Abilities (As Robo-Corn Knight Mode)Edit

When The Knight Of Alchemy is fused with Robo-Corn, he and his steed become Robo-Corn Knight Mode. 
Robo-Corn Knight Mode

Robo-Corn Knight Mode.

Alchemy Spin

Robo-Corn Knight Mode's Alchemy Spin is when he spins around rapidly at his enemies and then uses his Alchemy Ax to slice them in half horizontally, thus causing his enemies to explode.

In The 2003 Anime Edit

In the 2003 anime, Dante is his evil older sister. 

Quotes (Manga & 2009 Anime)Edit

  • "They will never understand my pain."
  • "Let the girl go!"
  • "They're insignificant I have a mission to complete." 
  • "I will never forgive Father for what he did to you, Nana. Or for what he did to our kingdom."
  • "You showed no mercy for my sister! Now I show no mercy for you!"
  • "How can I save the Earth? When I couldn't even save you. No, Nana. I am not the warrior I once was. That man died long ago." 
  • "This is for YOU Nana!!" 
  • "They are not my concern."
  • "Father, I will have my revenge!" 
  • "I work with no one." 
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