Overview Edit

The Blood is an all powerful vampire who pulled the strings of Father and the Homunculi. He is menacing, but rages when things don't go his way. His base of operations is the Blood Wing, which operates like an evil version of Starship Enterprise, complete with a beaming room and command center. The Blood's trademark red coat was given to Edward when he was much younger, but later on he fashioned himself a new one.

First Attack Edit

On New Year's Day, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Winry Rockbell, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, and Izumi Curtis celebrated New Years with Izumi watching Ed's kids, Trisha, Aaron, and Rosie, and Mustang's kids, Maes and Christina. Ed, Winry, Al, Roy, and Riza sat on bench chairs on a blanket on the grassy fields of Central Park, while Izumi played with the kids, and practicing alchemy with them. The Blood later showed up and crashed the party on the Blood Wing, announcing to Edward that he gave Ed his red coat because he was too big for it. The Blood used his slot machine to send a spy plane to kill Pinako Rockbell, beginning the journey of Team Alchemist.

Backstory Edit

Not much is revealed about The Blood's backstory, but from what we know, he was Hohenheim's biological brother, so the two may have grown up together in Xerxes.

Quotes Edit

"Beam us down, Lester!"

"We will earn more money when I become Fuhrer. Don't fail me again."

"Noggin, it's time to meet your maker!"

"It will suck up satellites so all the news media will be shut down, so I can create my own TV network, I got it all on Blood TV!"

"Welcome to Blood TV, the one and only Blood show!"

Thank you, Skull Inquisitor and the Dry Bones, please."

"Greetings everyone. Normally I would do a monologue, but I have a special guest that I want to share with you, she is a famous rapper who has won Granny awards and released gold records left and right, the one the only, Lady Hound!"

"WHAT THE HELL SKULL! You couldn't deliver one rhyme book back to me, and I told you not to fail me again!"

Trivia Edit

The Blood has personality similarities with Doctor Eggman of Sonic X, since both do similar approaches to take over the world and both have a slot machine operated by cards that chooses robots.

The B Bots are similar to the L Bots of FMA Unlimited's Lightning, except they look more like the robot skeletons from Terminator.

The Blood's gothic aesthetic commonly uses the bat in many of the Blood's hardware, which was put in because Rebound was released at the time of Covid 19, or the Bat Flu, so the creator decided to make a blood sucking vampire the villain.

The Blood bears similarities to the Lightning in many ways, both kill Pinako on New Years, both have a large ship as their base of operations, and both are the leader of their respective multiverses. Unlike the Lightning, Blood's subordinates are all original characters, instead of being taken from other media.

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