The Angry Bomber
The Angry Bomber (FMA).jpg
Vital statistics
Aliases None
Birthplace The Lightning Wing
Date of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Family Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Species Demon
Occupation Terrorist demon
Rank Unknown
Abilities Explosive energy balls
Power Level Unknown
Weapons DefTech Launcher
Unique Trait Unknown
Goal Destroy the Earth if its inhabitants don't surrender it within an hour
First Appearance The Lightning Strikes
Voice Actor Patrick Seitz (FUNimation Dub)

David Stenstrom (Saban Dub)

Seiyū Yutaka Asukai

The Angry Bomber (怒っボンバー, Okobbonbā) is a terrorist-like bomber demon. 

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

As The Super Angry Bomber[edit | edit source]

When transformed into his super form, he has the appearance of a US Bomber-like demon with the power of flight, enhanced super-strength, enhanced teleportation, enhanced mouth beams, sword-like claws and enhanced laser vision. 

The Super Angry Bomber

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