Roy Mustang also known as the Flame Alchemist is the tritagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist series. 

Roy Mustang
Vital statistics
Aliases Flame Alchemist, Hero of Ishval, Roy-Boy


Birthplace Amestris
Date of Birth 1965
Age 29
Family Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Species Human
Occupation State Alchemist
Rank Lieutenant Colonel (2003 anime)

Colonel Brigadier-General General (post-manga)

Abilities Flame-Based Alchemy
Power Level Unknown
Weapons Ignition Cloth Gloves
Unique Trait Unknown
Goal Becoming Führer
First Appearance Unknown
Voice Actor Travis Willingham (FUNimation Dub)

Archie Kao (Saban Dub)

Seiyū Tōru Ōkawa


  • "He said he had a mission. It's pretty obvious he intends to carry it out, no matter what the cost." 
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