Vital statistics
Aliases Lust The Lascivious,

The Ultimate Spear, Solaris

Birthplace Ishval
Date of Birth 1744
Age 250
Family None
Affiliations Envy,

Gluttony, Father

Alignment Unknown
Species Homunculus
Occupation Emissary to Father, Instigator
Rank Unknown
Abilities Able to slice through anything using her finger-claws
Power Level Unknown
Weapons Extendable, sharp black fingers
Unique Trait Unknown
Goal Fuel the lust of vain, weak-willed people to create chaos and destruction

To become Human (2003 anime)

First Appearance Unknown
Voice Actor Laura Bailey
Seiyū Unknown

Lust was the first Homunculus to appear in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, playing a significant part.  

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