Gluttony was the second Homunculus to appear in the Fullmetal Alchemist series. In the Saban Dub he speaks in the third person.

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Vital statistics
Aliases Gluttony The Voracious
Birthplace Ishval
Date of Birth 1894
Age 100
Family None
Affiliations Lust,

Envy, Father

Alignment Unknown
Species Homunculus
Occupation Target Locator,

Evidence Eraser

Rank Unknown
Abilities Able to consume any known material

Advanced sense of smell

Power Level Unknown
Weapons His powerful jaws
Unique Trait Large, bald, dim-witted, and likes to eat humans
Goal To kill Colonel Mustang (Failed)

To Eat

First Appearance Unknown
Voice Actor Chris Cason (FUNimation Dub)

Brianne Siddall (Saban Dub)

Seiyū Unknown

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As Mecha Gluttony (2003 Anime)Edit

After becoming Mecha Gluttony, he has the appearance of a gorilla-like cyborg, given the power of laser canon fists and super strength. 
Fmafnwiki2gluttonymechaGorilla painting copy

Mecha Gluttony

As Ultimate Gluttony (Manga & 2009 Anime)

When transformred into his ultimate form, he has the appearance of a Pacman-like monster, loses all mentallity and attacks with giant jaws. 

Ultimate Gluttony

Quotes (Manga & 2009 Anime)Edit

  • "Here they come!"