Edward Elric
Edward elric
Vital statistics
Aliases Fullmetal Alchemist

Little Red Runt Fullmetal Ed, Freak, Pipsqueak, Insect, Bug, Rodent, Shorty etc.

Birthplace Resembool, Amestris
Date of Birth January 1, 1979
Age 15-16 (2003 series/Manga & 2009 series), 18-19 (Manga & 2012 series), 19-20 (Manga & 2015 series)
Family Alphonse Elric (younger brother)

Winry Rockbell Elric (wife) The Lightning (biological father) Van Hohenheim (non-biological father) Skull (uncle) Lightna (older sister)

Affiliations Unknown
Alignment Good
Species Cambion
Occupation State Alchemist
Rank Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Power Level Googolplex (Ultra Edward Elric)

Infinite (Legendary Alchemist) True Infinite (God of Alchemy)

Weapons Unknown
Unique Trait Unknown
Goal Restoring his brother's body

Fulfilling promises

First Appearance Unknown
Voice Actor Vic Mignogna
Seiyū Romi Park

Edward Eugene Elric (エドワード・エルリック, Edowādo Yūjīn Erurikku) the Fullmetal Alchemist (鋼の錬金術師, Hagane no Renkinjutsushi) is the titular protagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist series. 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit


As Ultimate Edward Elric (Manga & 2009 Anime)Edit

Ultimate Edward Elric

Ultimate Edward Elric.

Edward turned into an Ultimate Alchemist after Father presumably killed Alphonse.  

As Mega Edward Elric (Manga & 2012 Anime)Edit

Edward turned into a Mega Alchemist after Beautifly presumably killed Winry. 

As Solar Warrior Edward Elric (2017 Movie) Edit

Edward turned into a Solar Warrior after absorbing the power of the sun.

As Ultra Edward Elric (Manga & 2015 Anime)Edit

Edward turned into an Ultra Alchemist after fusing his Ultimate form with his Mega form. 

As Dark Edward Elric (Manga & 2015 Anime)Edit

The Lightning turned Edward into Dark Edward after he makes him drink The Lightning Formula. 

As The Legendary Alchemist (Manga & 2015 Anime)Edit

Edward turned into The Legendary Alchemist after Trisha Jr. helps him return to his old self.  

As The God Of Alchemy (Manga & 2015 Anime) Edit

Edward turned into The God Of Alchemy after The Lightning kills Alphonse.  

Mega Edward Elric

Mega Edward Elric

Solar Warrior Edward Elric

Solar Warrior Edward Elric.

Ultra Edward Elric

Ultra Edward Elric.

Dark Edward

Dark Edward.

Quotes (Manga & 2009 Anime)Edit

  • "For a moment, I thought he may have been my father. But I guess I was wrong."
  • "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Didn't you see those people over there!?" 
  • "I think it's a personal vendetta. His anger is so great, it consumes him." 
  • "You can't leave without telling us why you're here and who you are!
  • "I don't who you are, or what your problem is. But you've gotta get a grip on your anger." 
  • "I don't know why you want to kill her. But you've got to control your anger!" 
  • "I knew...someday...somehow you'd come back..." 

Quotes (Manga & 2012 Anime)Edit

  • "Bug off!" 

Quotes (Manga & 2014 Anime)Edit

  • "Hmph! Come on Winry! What more could I want?" 
  • "Lightning, you are full of hatred and bitterness! You must be destroyed! Your spirit will forever be damned and all your evilness will be destroyed! LEGENDARY ALCHEMY BLAST!!" 



The Legendary Alchemist

The Legendary Alchemist.

The God Of Alchemy

The God Of Alchemy.

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